Visit The Old Printing Office

The museum was founded by printers from the newspaper “NY DAG” (NEW DAY) together with former, now retired colleagues.
After the closing down of the newspaper the museum acquired part of the machinery if they promised to move this from the premises of the closed down newspaper.
An agreement with the City Council gave the museum the possibility to use two suitable rooms in an old building which had earlier housed the newspaper. Donations from the City Council and private funds made it possible to establish the museum on May 1st 1995.

The following period brought at lot of work. A type-setting machine acquired from the closed down newspaper was beyond repair, but then, at the same time, the museum had a very good offer from a printing office in the nearby town of Saxkøbing, which meant that it could have a fully working Linotype-setting machine, which was accepted. By the help from Nakskov Crane Comp. the museum was able to move this machine into the rooms.

In 2012 this type-setting machine was replaced by an Intertype from 1965 and later on the museum had an Eickhoff printing machine from the printing house in Rødby, another neighbouring town. Furthermore the museum had a Heidelberg wing-automatic printing machine.
The combined effort from 20 colleagues has made it possible to establish an interesting working museum, where, in our own opinion, you can experience bygone days’ way of printing.

The museum was officially opened on May 1st 1997.